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The Best Video Game for the Over-50s?



The Best Video Game for the Over-50s

Although people of all ages like to play Android video games, it has to be said that most people aged fifty or more are unlikely to be hardcore gamers. This may be partly because they are simply too busy, but it’s perhaps more because they have other activities which take up the largest proportion of their leisure hours.

It’s generally accepted that your hand-eye coordination worsens as you get older, so some of the more intensive games may prove difficult for the over-50s. However, there are plenty more titles which don’t require lightning fingers and the ability to perform six different button actions simultaneously.

The Best Video Game for the Over-50s

In my opinion, the best game of all time for the older players is Red Dead Redemption. This hugely impressive epic is set in the latter years of the Old West, on the borders of the USA and Mexico, and it rightly won a host of accolades when it was first released back in 2010, thanks to its fascinating storyline and its ease of play.

It’s this latter quality which makes the game so playable for the over-50s. You don’t need to be overly dexterous to enjoy it, and if you just feel like exploring the terrain without performing any particular tasks, you can. With an absence of pressure to constantly complete assignments, there’s a wonderful air of relaxation infusing the game.
Saddle up and play the game!

People who were born in the 1950s and 1960s will have been brought up on a steady diet of Western TV shows and cowboy movies, and Red Dead Redemption offers a range of scenarios that provide pure nostalgia to players of a certain age. An hour or two at the controller is often enough to transport them back to the entertainment of their younger days.

Shoot-outs in dusty streets, runaway trains heading for disaster, outlaw attacks on isolated stagecoaches and dubious snake-oil salesmen are all motifs of the classic Western stories, and they are wonderfully represented in RDR. The silent hero that is John Marston could just as easily be Randolph Scott, Gary Cooper or Clint Eastwood.
If you’re a slightly older individual who rarely plays video games, check out Red Dead Redemption as soon as you possibly can.

Before you know it, you’ll be saddling your trusty horse and heading out to explore the seedy temptations of Thieves’ Landing or to investigate some sinister loner who’s been hanging around the bars of Armadillo. The chances are you’ll soon be hooked on a life of poker games, abandoned mines, and retired gunslingers.

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