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The First Time Local Business Owner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing



Local businesses need to market their products and services online, owing to the cost-effectiveness and functionality of the digital marketing niche. For local business marketers, social media marketing seems to be a great deal. It is not just only about increasing the follower count, but it is also about high-user engagement. Speaking of which, marketing your brand on Instagram sounds good, given the platform’s immense popularity and promotional success.

If you want to optimize your local business online marketing campaign, then promoting your brand on Instagram is an absolute must. To help you out, here is a guide that describes each and every aspect of Instagram marketing for local businesses:

Involve in the Instagram Community

Just like any other social media channel, there are specific local communities on Instagram that define the marketing on the platform. Find out your local user community on Instagram and work on building your reputation in the community to generate a feeling of trust worthiness, which leads to boosting your follower base. Furthermore, when you establish your credibility in front of the Instagram community, there will be higher rates of user engagement. This can be easily done by identifying influencers in your industry and follow and engage with them on Instagram.

Repost Local Content

You can improve your local brand’s credibility on the visual-sharing platform by regularly reposting content that was previously published by other brands in your niche, your local followers or any local influencers. Not only will it make your followers feel good and privileged, but it also increases the likeliness of gaining more followers. When you repost and share content that was earlier posted by real accounts, it makes your business account on Instagram look more humanized and approachable. In order to attract followers for Instagram, you can take the help of online sources.

Maintain Consistency in Your Brand Identity

Being a mobile exclusive and visual only social media channel, you can use Instagram for meeting your various online marketing needs. However, one thing that you need to make sure of while promoting your online business on social media channels is to maintain the consistency in your content marketing theme and brand personality. There is no point in confusing your target audience by changing personas over different platforms.

Stay Away from Blanket Posting

Blanket posting is using the same images and text across various social media platforms. While the persona and theme behind your content need to remain same across different platforms, making it too much similar can often be detrimental for your marketing campaign. In other words, the key to successful marketing of your local business is to avoid blanket posting. For instance, the Instagram marketing of your local business requires unique visual content that makes it stand out from the content on other social media channels.


Instagram marketing is probably the most sought-after social media marketing option in today’s competitive market scenario. Stick to this guide and the tactics that will help you in boosting your overall social media marketing campaign.

Author Bio – Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. He also provides a lot of information on Instagram marketing and advises his readers on how to gain followers for Instagram through online sources.

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