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Top 5 Android App That You Should Use



top 5 android app

With over 2 billion active Android users in the globe, Android OS has undoubtedly earned its position as a revolutionary platform. One key advantage of using Android is the fact that it lacks restrictions when it comes to developing an app. If you have an idea, you can turn it into an app and have users try it. Here are apps that are a must-have.

Lucky Patcher

I am pretty sure most of you get bored when you get constant ads while using an app and the only solitude you get is by paying a fee so that you can have a pro version, where you won’t get ads. For those who have no idea what lucky patcher is, this is an app that lets you bypass these annoying ads while allowing you enjoy additional pro version features such as moving inbuilt apps to SD card, removing license verification from apps among other features. I know most of you are now intrigued by its features, its noteworthy though that you will have to root your android device so that you can enjoy its features. So download lucky patcher app and enjoy it.


This is a revolutionary app that has improved the downloading experience. With over 1 billion YouTube users, this is the go-to website when posting or viewing current and past videos. Videoder brings a whole new experience when using YouTube.  It’s no secret that the downloading experience of each website is lousy, with this app you get to enjoy a downloading experience that is impeccable with speeds of over 100% the regular browser downloading rate. One stand out feature that will surely impress you is that while using this app, you will get various video options when downloading.


Launched in October of 2008, this app has revolutionized the music industry. If you have not heard about it, then you need to leave your cave. This app has introduced options that were no longer available in other platforms. With over 35 million songs, users have been allowed to create their playlist and based on your favorite songs. The app provides you with songs that are similar. The primary disadvantage of using this app is that it is only available in the U.S and small parts of Europe. Nonetheless, you can bypass this hurdle by using a VPN masking service. Or you can download Spotify premium mod apk for free.


Just like videoder, tubemate functions by letting users download videos from YouTube comfortably. One stand out feature for using tubemate is that it provides you with several downloading options. Additionally, you can download videos from a holistic number of websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Daily Motion and many more. So download tubemate 2.2.9 and enjoy it.

Nova Launcher

Most android devices if not all come with a beautiful home screen experience but truth be told, it gets boring after a few days. While using Nova launcher you get to enjoy a holistic number of experiences one that surely impresses me and many others is the ability to customize your home screen. When using it you will realize that all its icons and folders are in 3D, which is quite impressive.


The best experience when using an Android device is by having the best apps with you.  With over 2 billion users in the globe, you are sure to have a large number of apps available to you, but the top 5 apps that you should have in your device are Videoder, Lucky Patcher, Tubemate, Spotify and Nova Launcher.  Thank me later.

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