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Top 5 Ways how Smartphones have Changed Online Marketing Landscape



Online or digital marketing has benefited so much from smartphones. It will not be entirely wrong to say that the future now belongs to those marketers who know what the power of smartphone is and this is how most of the people are now surfing the Internet. So it’s pretty much evident that there is a huge potential for growth for this sector and obviously for mobile apps.

The future is also very rosy as there are many aspects that are in favor of tremendous growth concerning the mobile apps. Most of us now shop or do different types of financial transactions over the Internet. This includes online banking and doing stock trading, for example. So that’s the reason why companies, regardless of their industry experience and nature of business, are trying to think of ways to woo their target market.

What’s the Catch for the Mobile Users?

Well, as an end-user there are certainly more benefits than any disadvantage in this era as every company, be it a mobile phone manufacturer to companies involved in mobile app development, all try to offer the latest technology and features to their end-users. Each year, these companies invest billions of dollars in research and development so that to offer cutting-edge technology to their customers. And there are good reasons for this as the sales of smartphones and apps are increasing steadily over the years.

On an average, we all check our smartphones at least 40-50 times a day and that’s why it is the next frontier for not only the mobile manufacturers but also online marketers too. The use of push notification and placing ads is a lucrative business to say the least. And we all know that just Google make how much money through ads. So basically there is not much to lose for an average mobile user until you take into account the privacy issues.

Companies can Deliver their Message Across

The marketing aspect is certainly the one among a host of others which has seen a tremendous transformation over the past 1 decade. Ever since iPhone hit the market in 2008, the marketing landscape ha totally changed. There are many ways in which it is continuing the transformation and it’s a good omen for us, the end users. Let me offer you why this is a good aspect for us.

Mobile phones and more specifically smartphones are one of the best ways to market any product or service as there are loads of opportunities for anyone in this concern. It will not ne erroneous to say that smartphones has totally changed or transformed the way marketing was done over a decade ago. There are a number of channels that a marketer can use to deliver a message and can tweak it according to the requirement of his customer for best results.

So what channels are exactly in favor of marketers that we use daily, mainly on smartphones? Following is the top 5 list that can tell you about the power of smartphones.

1. Social Media

I am sure you all are aware of the number of users for a popular social media network like. Just Facebook has over 2 billion active users and it is one of the favorite network for marketers in this channel.

2. Email

While many of my readers would dismiss email as old fashioned as not many think of it as a viable solution. The reality is quite in contrast as majority of business email addresses as well as private like Gmail are checked over 10-12 times daily. This is a staggering fact and a testament that email marketing is here to stay.

3. SMS/Text Messages

Push notifications and SMS can be termed as the fastest way to send your message across as we all check our phones multiple times in any given day.

4. Video

Short videos of 15-30 seconds are gaining momentum as most of us have this much time to see them. Advertisement in this way is one of the quickest way to make any brand or service tick and that’s why it is one of the favorites for marketers right now.

5. Apps

Through apps any company can make certain that its current and potential customers know their every move and are updated about it to make a strong connection with them.

Final Word

I am certain that the majority of my readers would like to offer their feedback for this blog. Please use the comments section below in this concern.

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