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Top Rated Tourists Attractions in Morocco With Virikson



Morocco is one of the finest countries where people live in a simple, healthy and thrilling environment. Tourists are attracted to the country because of its enchanting landscapes and authenticity of the lifestyle. Landing in the land of colours is the most astonishing feeling. If you’re a beauty admirer or a seeker of peace, then this country is inviting you. Travellers are usually planning their journey on budget and want to wrap up things in lesser pennies. So, Morocco is a great country to visit and enjoy your holidays without emptying the bank account.

Is Morocco Worth visiting?

This is one of the questions that roam around when you plan travel to Morocco. Your mind is filled with doubt regarding all the sensitive details about the country, it’s usual expenses, safety and the places you should visit. Here is the list of top rated tourists spots to visit and enjoy in the land of colours and spices.

  1. Marrakech

Marrakech is also known as the Red city. I call it the city of Romance and culture. Although Rabat is the capital of city most business is found in this city. People have a certain tendency to reflect upon the beauty of simplicity and authenticity.

  1. Hassan II Mosque

The mosque located in Casablanca is famous for its artistic design. The internal décor of the monument was designed by 10000 artisans and it represents the marvel of art. Enjoy the stunning architectural beauty of the Mosque.

  1. Fes El Bali

You like to wander in the streets and play around, the city is for you. It has the maze-like streets where people love to wander on the way and then find it back. It is one of the most overwhelming experiences throughout the journey but only if you possess the love for wandering on the roads.

  1. Chefchaouen

It is known as the blue city of Morocco which is a haven for artistic minds. People come here to complete their unfinished project while enjoying the view of a small town from the rooftop. Take as many pictures possible as this is the best or maybe the only activity that most tourist love to do.

  1. Tangier

The history of the city reflects the past in its style and buildings. You’ll also find many travel books that relate the history of Morocco mostly with Tangier. So, it is the inspiration of many writers.

  1. Bab Mansour (Meknes)

The gateway to Meknes that show the enthralling tales of the Sultan era. Enjoy the decorative gateway that also shines at the time of sunrise and sunset, the view of it is mesmerizing at the moment.

  1. Ruins of Volubilis

This is one of my favorite historical monument. One can always enjoy the calmness of the place. Even if the place is crowded (which is most of the time) you can enjoy some time on your own.

  1. Kasbah of Udayas

Kasbah is an old traditional concept of building communities and colonies. It not only looks traditional but teaches people the value of being close to each other in every hour.

  1. Ait Ben Haddou

The famous Kasbah which is also used by the procedures for choosing it for the shooting of a film. It is also used to hold many cultural festivals.

  1. Dades Valley

This is the raw spot but amazingly peaceful place to be visited and enjoy your own time. It is also the favorite valley of the hikers, join them and enjoy the journey at its best.

However, when you are all set to leave for a journey, then never think about backing off. You’ve taken the decision than just stick to it and make your way through it. You can plan about the famous and history.

Author Bio:

I am Maria, a travel blogger from the UK. Writing is my ultimate passion and nowadays, I am into the mission of providing creative and unique blogs on Morocco’s lively culture and traditions. I can help people in planning their journey by sharing my amazing experience in Morocco family holidays.

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