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Trending Specialisation After Engineering Into Management



MBA colleges in Bangalore

Students are always interested in engineering. But, nowadays, most of them are moving towards MBA after engineering. The reason is that the MBA course builds the excellent foundation for business concepts. This knowledge of business concepts is highly sought after by employers these days. It is yet another reason for students opting best MBA colleges in Bangalore to study MBA after their graduation in engineering.

Further, an MBA also opens up global avenues for growth. An engineer with MBA commands a better pay package these days. The average pay package of an engineering graduate is around 11 lakhs per annum. But, when an engineer equips himself with an MBA, the average pay package becomes 18 lakhs. From the perspective of the corporate world, the market always values a good combination of techno-managerial skills.

Which specialisation to choose?

Are you an engineer decided to do your MBA? You might be wondering about the specialisation you should choose. Here are the top MBA specialisation options available for engineering graduates as suggested by expert Career Counselor Mr. Mukesh Maheshwari:

MBA in Finance:

Most people think that this branch of MBA is just for commerce graduates. But, an engineer with his mathematical skills can take this specialisation for sure. In this specialisation, you will gain exposure to analytical thinking. Of course, you will learn managerial decision and coordination process. Even, you will learn how to evaluate profit and loss of an organisation.

MBA in Marketing:

In the present scenario, there is a great demand for engineers with marketing knowledge. In any organisation, marketing is the core department. With an MBA in marketing, you will understand aspects of advertising. Further, you will learn about consumer behaviour and market behaviour from this course. Even, you will gain many other crucial skills that surround the marketing activities of any service or product.

MBA in Human Resource Management:

Human Resource Management is a lucrative field of employment. Every organisation irrespective of the field of operation need to hire an HR administrator. The reason is that such a person will settle and handle the activities related to hiring. As an HR administrator, your role will be crucial. You will act as a bridge between the top management in the organisation and the employees. If you gain admission to the MBA in HRM, you will gain appropriate knowledge. If you are a confident and dependable person, you can choose this branch of MBA. Even, if you are good in communication and have a charismatic personality, this branch will suit.

MBA in International Business:

With globalization and also with the opening up of world economies, MBA in IB is a lucrative choice. In this course, you will learn about the procedures and documentation involved in import and export. You will also gain the knowledge about approaching customers in foreign countries. In addition, this branch will increase your chances of traveling abroad. Let us consider that you get an employment in a national organisation. Even, in this case, your chances of going abroad on a deputation is high with this branch of education.

In addition to these specialisations, an MBA in Operations Management is yet another good choice for engineers.

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