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What are the Duties of a Security Guard?



security guard

The security guards are responsible for safe and proper working of any organisation, place or event. They have to make sure that valuables property and people are all safe. Although their main duty involves guarding & patrolling the premises, but they can be called upon in an emergency task to work involving rescue services in coordination with the police and firefighters. People involved in law enforcement are given special training to give a response when a crime or any other violent activity breaks out. On the other hand, the security guards take a preventive approach towards crime. Their main task is to prevent crime and report it to the authorities but there are other duties of a security guard that should also be taken into consideration. Let’s dive deeper into the duties performed by a security guard in Pune.

  1. To be Easily Noticeable

One of the main responsibilities of a security guard is to be easily noticeable to those in the vicinity of the area they’re guarding. This makes it easy for them to deter the criminals. If the shoplifters and burglars notice a security guard walking around the duty, they would reconsider their actions. Hence, being noticeable is one way to prevent damage, theft or any personal injury.

  1. To Act Quickly & Be Alert

A security guard is expected to act quickly whenever in need. This demands them to be alert all the time. On the more, a security guard needs to know how to respond effectively in any dangerous situation. A security guard is also expected to have a keen sense of smell along with having excellent hearing & eyesight.

  1. Good Observation & Reporting Skills

A security guard should continue to observe almost everything that is going in the area of inspection to make sure that nothing illegal or wrong is happening. After a certain mishappening, the security guard should report all the details of the incident to the concerned authorities.

  1. Maintaining Public Order

Apart from the general security role that they play, the security guards are also called at large gatherings like the political rallies, religious assemblies, and the parties to ensure that the public maintains law and order. Here, the security guards are responsible for the safety of people and property and to also prevent stampedes, riots or some other dangerous situation from occurring.

  1. Receiving the Guests & Visitors

Sometimes the security guards are stationed at the entrance of any building or event. Since, he would be the first one to greet visitors and guests and direct them on their way, hence, they are required to be friendly in their approach.

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