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What Is Court Marriage And How To Do Court Marriage



What Is Court Marriage And How To Do Court Marriage

What is Court Marriage:- Court marriage is a done marriage between two adults with same religion or inter cast religion. It has done under Special Marriage Act. Court marriage is also done between Indian and Foreigner. The Procedure for doing court marriage is same as for the Indian citizen.

Sometimes people want to marry in other religion but their families won’t allow to do marriage or they don’t except the proposal so in that situation the girl and boy have to do court marriage.

Requirements for court marriage

If you want to do court marriage then you have to full fill five requirements

  • The girl and boy should be major ( For boys 21 years and for Girls 18 years) and also have a sound mind.
  • Second requirements are that both has to be single, which means they are not married and if one of them is married then divorced has been done under section 125 of crpc.
  • The third requirements is document for court marriage. You should have a valid paper to prove your address, date of birth, and identity. If you have ADHAR CARD then you can use it to prove Date of Birth and Address also.
  • Fourth requirements is that they don’t have any prohibited relationship which means they don’t have blood relation.

A procedure of Court Marriage

Many times it happens that both girl and boy don’t want to do court marriage in the same city where they live so they decide to do in another city- For this they have to stay minimum 3 months and that city where they want to do court marriage and you have to give proof for which you can give rent agreement, affidavit, and if you are living in a hotel then you can give the Hotel Booking Bill.

Then you have to give a notice to the court that you want to do Court Marriage by Giving Court Marriage Form to the Registrar of the Court, you will get a marriage form and you have to fill the form and you have to submit the form in the court along with the all the documents which is required. After that, Court will paste that notice on notice board and if anyone has any objection then convey to the court.

This notice is also forwarded to the parents of the girl and boy and if they have any objection then they have to convey to the court. There also rules for objection they cannot give any rubbish objection like both are from different religion so we will not accept the marriage


What are the valid objections court take into Consideration

  • If both or one of them is not major.
  • If they have blood relation.
  • If one of them is married.

If these objections are not fulfilled then after one month from the notice their marriage will be done in the court and court will give a marriage certificate. So, in this way Court marriage is done.

Let’s talk about how can you do court marriage without giving Notice to the parents

If you are a Hindu then you can perform your marriage in any Temple and you will get a certificate which is valid under Hindu Law and from this certificate you can legally register your marriage

For Muslims you can do NIKHA and after nikha you will get Nikha Nama which is also valid under Muslim Law and you can register your marriage through the help of Nikha Nama and you are doing marriage without giving notice to your parents.

Court Marriage procedure fee

It depends on the Advocate that how much they will charge but the court doesn’t take a huge amount. It solely depends on the advocate who is doing everything on your behalf. Some advocate do it under Rs.5000 and some take Rs 10,000





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