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What is the Need for Biometric Installation?




It was a decade before when many organizations were missing the enhanced security systems because of which various human threats, asset threats and robbery cases were prevalent. After, Biometric Installations came into existence, companies, factories and industrial regions were able to keep a safe record of the employees. Whosoever, the employee enters the premises is supposed to enter the thumb or a fingerprint in order to make his or her identity clear. Until and unless thumbprints do not match with the records on the sensor pad, the gate will not open.

Another popular method being used for employees and guest visitors in the organization’s building is to use sensor ID cards. These cards have a chip which is activated by the authorities for a certain period. An employee who is new to the organization will have access to the card for a month, each monthly cycle he has to renew this card for free of cost so that sensor gates could open once he punches the card inside the sensor slot.

The 3 major reasons why biometric installation became necessary

  • Unknown guests’ records– Manual security guard system was a very conventional method to keep data of the visitors in the office building who come to see the officials for some purposes. He or she used to write down the name, contact details and department in which he needs to see an employee. This method sometimes failed because you cannot know that the person who is giving you the personal details is telling the truth or not. This was not an accurate method to have a contact record of the visitor. As of now, this problem has come to an end because, with the Biometric Installations, offices are more secure and have a fair record of the employees as well as guests identity.

  • Save against theft– At home when you keep the biometric system for safety, then the entire house is secured by a lock system which will only open when you allow from the switch or else you enter the passcode and a fingerprint. Even some biometric installations have face read sensor technology that is operational by the number of family members only. Once you have used the face recognition software and entered the house gate. It will lock automatically within seconds keeping thieves and unknown strangers out securely. They cannot open the lock at any cost, and if they try to break the lock system, then siren will start to buzz and a nearby police station will be notified immediately.
  • Helps in keeping population records– The current government is using biometric KYC system by which a person have to enter their fingerprints with the name, identity card and contact details. This information will be saved with the unique fingerprints and would be saved a big data. Whenever you will enter a mall or a place where biometric installations for security are executed, you need to punch fingers or a thumb. Your details will be automatically punched in the computer systems that will maintain the record of your visit.

Many areas are very sensitive like parliament, government organizations, security cantonment regions, and embassies. These places counter every day hundreds of people as an employee, guests, and references. This is a necessity to keep a record for each in order to protect the sensitive areas of the nations from terrorism, anti-national communists, hooligans etc. they could harm or go to extreme conditions after entering the premises such as killing, molestation, mental harassment, robbery and another type of life-threatening actions. In order to save guard from unknown identities, biometric installations are necessary to acquire everywhere.

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