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What Should You Know About Kurd & Kurdish Language?



Kurdish Translation Services

Kurds are an ethnic group living in the Middle East.  You may find Kurds in Turkey, Iran, Iraq & Syria but they are historically classified as belonging to Iranian people.

According to few estimates, the population of Kurds is estimated to be anywhere between 30-45 million. Kurdish is the language mainly used by them. In Iraq, Kurdish is considered as a national language along with the Arabic. Most Kurds are either bilingual o multilingual, so you may find them using the language of the country in which they live as the second language alongside Kurdish.

If you are business having interests in these countries, then you will have to go for Kurdish translation services to reach the right market in the best way.

So How Do You Get Going In Kurdish?

Learning Kurdish for formal translations can’t be achieved in a week or fifteen day time. Legal and formal translations should be best left to the experts. But knowing basics of language can certainly be done in rather a short period.

Chony? (Hi!)

You can greet anyone you meet for the first-time with a simple Hi! But don’t expect the populace here to be sophisticated like the US. Anyways you can start with this simple word to start off.

Le Chayay? (How Are You?)

If you want to ask about the well-being of the person you have just met, make use of this word. If he is fine and interested in speaking to you then you may hear I am fine!

Nawt Chya? (What Is Your Name?)

You will get to know the name of the person you have met in this way. And if the person is happy to meet you then you will get to hear, Nice to meet you.

To Detwaneet Yarmeteem Bdeyt? (Can You Help Me?)

If you are on a trip to Kurd, then you might need help in many ways. Just make use of the phrase and who knows you may get the help you need.

Mn nekhoshm. Pewistm be pzishke (I am sick. I need a doctor)

It may well be possible that you are sick and you need a doctor then how do you speak about it.

As you may see that these phrases have limited usage, and the basic knowledge of Kurdish may not take you too far informal and more specific translations.So What Kind of Help You May Need For Formal Translations?

The technical experts should do those translations that need technical knowledge or the knowledge of specific domains. And that is where you need the help of translation agency. They can help you in getting translations for any document. An agency that has been running for past many years usually has established procedures, and they may have native speakers of the language to get the translations done.

In The End

You must go for Kurdish translations services if you want to get formal or legal translations delivered to perfection.



  1. Bella Blackwell

    June 18, 2018 at 4:06 am

    Hii very informative, I think I should try the services.

  2. Tarun Aarya

    June 19, 2018 at 10:12 am

    Yeah, Bella!

    You should take the benefit of these tips. Hope you will love it.


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