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Why Screen Time Before Bed is Not Good for Your Kids?



The Kids

Spectrum Phone Service providers business has jumped to one of the wealthy and the moneymaking business because of the increasing use of the internet. You cannot spot even a single person who does not use the internet in his or her everyday life.

Now the internet has become an irreplaceable part of even the lives of kids. Kids of age one year carry phone and tablets in their hands. They are fully aware of the usage of different applications and can use the phone on their own without any help.

Many parents believe that their kids are smart or the technology has made them more receptive to knowledge. They think that the kids of digital era are intelligent than the kids of old times. However, the excessive and before the right time usage of technology actually harm kids at many levels.

Kids love to watch different TV shows with their parents or they are habitual of using their phones or tablets before bed. Parents usually do not take notice of this actually, because to them, it is completely fine. However, here are few points to prove you that screen time before bed is dangerous for your kids.

Less Sleep Hours

Less Sleep Hour

Sleeping is a healthy activity for humans. During the sleep, the blood pressure begins to drop slowly to bring calmness to the body, the body starts to heal the tissues and muscles, breathing rate falls, and different hormones are secreted in the bloodstream. Moreover, the brain activates the memory lane as well.

According to scientists all around the world, sleeping is a vital process for everyone. Now everyone has an electronic device by their bedside that makes them wide-awake for a long time before bed. This cuts down their sleep hours and hence, they wake up sleep deprived.

The effects of the screens are not just one time but it can introduce delays in the sleeping hours of kids. The result of sleeping late is either waking up late or waking up tired. This affects the productivity of kids as well.

Poor Health

Poor Health

The amount of sleeping hours is directly connected to the health. A research was done in the UK to see the results of using phones before bed. This research was conducted on a sample of 125,298 children belonging to age group 14 on average.

According to the data, the usage of phones before bedtime reduces the number of sleeping hours. Sleeping less directly affects the health of the kids and increases the risk of obesity, bad memory, and poor immunity.

The effects can extend to a long term as well if ignored. The experts say that parents should focus on making their kid sleep for the required amount of time to promote their good health.

Bad Performance in Class

Bad Performance in class

It is an understandable fact for everyone that when kids sleep late they wake up tired and drained of energy. This affects their performance at school because the mind of such kids still needs sleep to relax the body and gets ready to start working again.

The school time is too early for the late night birds. The absence of mind forces the kids to perform less in their lectures. They find it hard to grasp new concepts and their brains fail to process the information in the expected time limit.

Hence, the grades fall in the subjects and kids lag behind in their class. This fact is proven by different studies and research carried out by different universities and organizations all around the globe. If your kid is lagging behind in his or her studies all of a sudden but can wake up until late in the night to use the device, then you know what should be fixed in him.

Parents do not understand the importance of sleep for their kids. They believe that sleeping is something that can be adjusted to the routine whereas it is extremely necessary for normal growth of the kids. Experts suggest that it is the right time for parents to understand the importance of right hours of sleep for their kids.

Make your kid habitual of using technology less before you buy any package from Charter Spectrum Packages. The experts suggest that kids should sleep for 9 to 11 hours each day. Is your kid getting the right amount of sleep? If not, then start working on it today!

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