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5 Signs it’s Time to Call in the Roofing Experts



Your roof is not something you ever give much thought as you go about your daily business. As a result, it’s so easy for it to fall victim to wear and tear and neglect. Often, it’s not until a severe weather event,or a noticeable problem do you think about roofing service experts and calling them in to fix the issue. By then, it can be far worse than it started out as.

Rather than make your roof an afterthought as you go about your home maintenance, why not put it to the forefront of your mind? Here are five signs, or reasons, why it could be time to call in the roofing experts.

A Severe Weather Event

Severe weather events cost the United States, and other countries like New Zealand, several billion dollars every year. However, even if you don’t notice any damage on your property after a severe rainstorm, tornado, cyclone, or even a hail storm, it’s a good idea to call in roofing experts for an inspection anyway.

Massivehailstones, for example, can exacerbate problems already present, or even cause new ones. Instead of waiting for heavy rain to cause ceiling damage in the next weather event to follow, act immediately. Most roofing businesses have seasoned experts who know how to identify problems on both commercial and residential roofs.

Your Roof is Old

Think back to the last time you replaced your roof. Do you remember even doing it at all? Did you move into your house not knowing the roof replacement history? Housing stock is getting older, which means that roofing is getting older with it. If you are unsure of the condition of your roof, or its age, then get in touch with roofing experts. You may find that it’s more than overdue for replacement.

Fortunately, roof replacement is easier now than it has ever been before. Technology has paved the way for safer, more affordable roofing options – with experts on-hand to complete the process quickly and within your budget.

Your Roof is Sagging

Sagging is more common in roofing than you think, but tends to relate more to older homes than those built today. If your house does not have rafter ties protruding from wall to wall, then your outside walls can bow outward. As a result, the ridge can sag in one – or even several – places.

If the sheathing happens to get wet, any cement tiles or heavy roofing materials can cause it to sag. There are ways you can notice sagging for yourself, but it can take the help of at least two people,and you may find your eye is not as accurate as that of an expert. If you have your suspicions, but you’re not sure, contact a roofing specialist who can help identify, repair, and resolve the problem.

You Notice a Leak

When your roofing materials have a hole in them, it’s not immediately apparent. Most people don’t spend a lot of time on the roof of their house, so it’s easy to miss such problems. It’s not until you notice water leaking from your ceiling, or dark stains appearing, do you realize you have a leak. Unfortunately, by then, it can be quite severe.

In the case of a roof leak, it’s imperative to call in the roofing experts. While you may think you can solve the problem yourself, you may not be sure of the extent of the damage. Roofers tend to have moisture gauges and experience – knowing from where the leak is occurring, and where they can stand safely to repair it.

What’s more, over half a million people fall from ladders or roofs at home every year – with many of those accidents fatal. It’s crucial you leave roof maintenance in the capable hands of a qualified roofer.

You are Buying a Commercial or Residential Building

Finally, a sign you need to call in a roofing expert is when you are thinking about purchasing a new home or commercial building. Don’t be blinded by the ROI it offers, the beautiful décor, or even the pretty gardens and full fencing.

Instead, pay attention to what you don’t see. If the roofing needs to be replaced or repaired, you can be looking at a significant cost. If you know about it in advance, you can haggle on the building price or decide not to go ahead with the sale.


Whether you need a new roof, roofing repairs, or you need a second opinion about the quality and durability of one, then it’s time to call in the roofing(do-follow)experts. There are some things that require professional help and expertise, and a commercial or residential roof is one of them. Don’t wait until a problem gets worse.Take action and let a roofing expert take over.

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