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Different Ways To Find Budget Hotels In Delhi



If you are thinking what makes Delhi a fascinating place to explore, it is the unmatched and vibrant culture. The capital of India offers a perfect blend of art, culture and architecture.

Not only the city attracts thousands of tourists to its mesmerizing scenic wonders and awe-inspiring development, but it also invites the professionals for official purposes. And the first visit of the travellers is often marked by the chaos and colours which are unique to Delhi.

No matter what purpose you are travelling to Delhi for, accommodation is an important part of your visit. A right hotel will not only help you get relaxed and have a home-like feel but will also enhance your overall experience of visiting Delhi. However, the main problem first-time visitors often face while travelling to Delhi is locating the right hotel for their stay. With a plethora of options around and having no information about any of them, the visitors face the dilemma to choose the particular one.

If you are also planning a leisure tour or a business trip to Delhi and are worried about your stay, this write-up is for you. Here we have mentioned the ways you can use to find the best accommodation option as per your needs and budget. So, keep on reading and ensure to find a budget hotel in Delhi for your next trip.

Take help from Google

The first thing that most of the people do is putting the search keyword in Google. The action lets them get the list of the hotels that are highly popular among the people. Though the method can be used while doing advanced booking too, it is a convenient option when you need to book a budget hotel on the spot.

You can view the list, go through the facilities different hotels provide and then can compare the rates to find a budget-friendly option.

Ask your friends and relatives

Though it is the first time you are visiting Delhi, chances are there that your friends, relatives or colleagues may have visited the city before. They may recommend you a good hotel in the case their experience was good or can alert you for not choosing the particular hotel because their own experience with the hotel remained horrible.

As word of mouth works great, it would be better if you can get a recommendation from one of your known persons.

Go through the online travel websites

There is no shortage of online travel websites where you can find the list of the best and budget-friendly hotels according to the location. Many of these websites also list the pros and cons of staying in a particular hotel along with mentioning the complete details, including location, facilities, extras, charges and more.

You can refer to these websites for finding the hotel that provides you with all the required facilities at the prices you can easily afford.

Check the listing websites

Listing websites are one of the best options for knowing your options. Unlike the travel websites which provide your information only about the hotels they have a partnership with, the listing websites provide you with the complete list of the hotels in the specified area. So, if you have no concern with the popularity of the hotel and just need the one with good services, you must check the listing websites.

The positive point about the listing websites is that you can get access to a big list of the hotels, as compared to the other options. And this will also help you in finding a hotel that is nearest to your place of interest.

What about booking a hotel through a travel agency?

Booking your hotel through a travel agency is also a good option as they provide you guarantee of the service quality you will get. Travel agencies deal with the hotels on a regular basis and have a better idea of the services they provide and the people they are best suited for. They will listen to your requirements, mark your preferences and will book a hotel accordingly.

Booking through a travel agency works as the best option when you have made your other trip arrangements through an agency only. These arrangements include flights, taxi service and more. You don’t need to worry about consulting different service providers because you seek all the services from a single agency.


As last-minute arrangements are always a headache, you are advised to start your research in advance, no matter how what type of trip (business or personal) you are planning and how many days you have to stay. Even in the case you make your booking through a travel agency, don’t forget to do some research on your own. This will let you ensure that they have chosen a right hotel as per your individual needs. Also, don’t forget to look for the special offers which hotels provide time to time. Such offers can help you save a significant amount on your stay and accommodation.

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