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Don’t Miss on These Killer Additions to Keep Your Car Cool this Summer



If this is your first summer in UAE then you better be ready for it. While it is impossible to go out for a walk during the day under the simmering heat of the sun, it is equally impossible to sit in a hot car. No one likes to sit into a hot car. A car should feel like an escape from the heat of UAE.

We met experts from, which is a popular online automobile website, to guide us about some cool tweaks to keep your car cool during the summer of UAE. Here is what we learned:

Try Windshield Visor

Windshield visor is one of the most common and trusted methods to keep the heat of the car. We need to understand why a car becomes hot to know its significance. Usually, windows are the gateways that allow most of the heat from direct sunlight into the car. For this reason we park the cars under the shade. Since the windshield is the largest window in the car, blocking the heat from the sunlight would make a huge difference.

Another reason why they are popular is they are inexpensive and easy to use. You can simple open them and lay them under your windshield. Though they do not entirely block the heat from the sun, they certain have an impact.

Use tinted windows

Since windshield visor do not entirely block the heat, you should consider tinting your car windows to stop the heat. Tinted windows are darker than the normal windows so they allow in less sunlight. As a side benefit, they make your car more secure as onlookers can hardly see through the tinted windows. These windows are not allowed in some parts of the city so you must carefully research the law before trying them.

Covering the seats

It is often unbearable to sit inside a car during the summer. Everything is so hot to touch. Seats are among those items. It is hard to drive when you are wearing shorts. To solve this issue, you can install some seat covers. There are some seat covers specially designed to deflect some heat from inside the car. They offer a more comfortable ride during the hot season. Besides this, these seats are water resistant so you do not need to worry about the sweat stains. These covers not only give you comfort, they also protect the underlying fabric to retain your car’s value.

Have a solar powered fan

Finally, you can install a solar-powered fan to make a drive little more comfortable. Since there is sunlight all around the year in UAE, you can use it for the better. With one such fan in your car, you can enjoy a nice breeze throughout the car even if the car is not turned on. It will not only help you save gas but also save you by using less AC. Their utility makes them even better for drivers who can clip them right onto the window.

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