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Medical tourism companies in India



In India medical tourism has seen a tremendous growth in the past few years. Medical tourism has not only brought a great revenue but also has got a great trust in us. People from other country has started preferring India for their treatment. There are Best Medical tourism companies in India that has made a great contribution in making the country one of the most favorable destination for treatment.

Medical tourism companies in India provides you with the one stop platform where you can meet excellent doctors, great clinics and all the other best services related to your medical treatment.

But what exactly is medical tourism?

Medical Tourism is an act where people moves out of their own country in order to get a better medical care from some other country. There can be various reasons for it. Like the absence of experienced doctors, skilled equipment, systematic appointments etc.

Medical tourism represents a worldwide, multibillion-dollar phenomenon that is expected to grow tremendously in the future. Right now, the country is witnessing 22-25 percent growth in medical tourism and health service providers. The medical tourism companies in India with the help of the government provides online visas, multiple entries, extensions of stay, and accreditation to more hospitals.

Why do people prefer India?

There is no doubt in saying that India will become the most preferable destination for medical tourism in the near future.

Based on a recent report, it is expected that India’s medical tourism market will increase from USD 3 billion to USD 8 billion by 2020.

India has the second largest number of authorized facilities (after Thailand).  Its major contributors are from Bangladesh and Afghanistan dominating with the 34 per cent shares.

Africa, GCC and CIS regions (whose current share is just 30 per cent) present the maximum possible opportunity for the Indian healthcare and wellness sector. Medical tourists from these destinations currently favor the South East Asian medical corridors.

Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi NCR are the most favored medical tourism destinations for the floating medical population who look for treatments in India. Kerala is another suspect for the preferred locations in India. But, it needs to pay attention on becoming a preferable destination as it has only 5 percent of medical tourist currently. It can be increased to 10-12 percent if the potential is kept in mind.

Talking about the quality of treatment that is provided in India, we have high class service quality. There are around 460,000 patients from abroad in Indian hospitals. It depicts that people from foreign are now preferring India as their destination for the treatment.

Why do we need medical tourism companies?

Now you must be thinking why do we need medical tourism companies. When we go to some unknown place we often wish to have some known ones there so that they could guide us. That’s exactly the role played by these companies. Medical tourism companies act as your guide in an unknown country. They hold your hand throughout your treatment, making your experience wonderful and stay comfortable.

There are many services that are provided by these companies. These services helps you to relax so that you can concentrate only on your treatment.

These services include:

1. Accommodation: Medical tourism companies will help you to find a suitable accommodation according to your budget.

  1. Airport Pick up and Drop: They will provide you with the airport pick up and drop to make sure, that you reach your medical centre safely.
  2. Payment Options: They will take care to provide you with the most convenient way of making the payments.
  3. Visa Assistance: M-visa is introduced by the government of India for the people who are seeking medical help in our country. As soon as you give your passports, the request letter is sent to the embassy. One copy of it will be sent to you, and then you can continue with your treatment.

5.Interpretation Services: Language is one of the topmost obstacles in getting a medical care from another country. Medical tourism companies in India will provide you with the interpreter for your smooth treatment process.

So, medical tourism companies can be a friend in need for you. They will guide you throughout and you will be able to focus only on your treatment.

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