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South Africa is going to be the next major marketplace and business hub in the world, promising a noticeable and exponential growth in many sectors of commerce. The fastest growing big businesses in South Africa is thus contributing in elevating the overall GDP of the country, helping it to grow as a global powerhouse. As per the World Bank South Africa is a newly industrialized country with an upper-middle income economy. Including tourism, agriculture, textile, communication, manufacturing, real estate, trade and every other business segment is growing exponentially in the market of South Africa.

With the booming growth in every corner of the business arena, there is a huge requirement of online publishing websites to provide functional and cost effective services to the business organization to market their business news.


The Online Publishing and classified websites help businesses to market their product and services in many ways.


  • By announcing any new launches or updates of their goods or services
  • By making people aware of their existing business arena
  • Following a cost-effective advertising plan by placing their ads on whose websites


With the existence of currently growing online publishing websites in South Africa, there is a bunch of incumbent players too who are serving and working in the same market.


Here is a list of top 25 South African Online Publishers according to their volume of new and unique internet browser every month:

  • News
    • Times Media Live
    •           Gumtree
    •           Kagiso Media Limited
    •           Caxton Digital
    •           Independent Online
    •           DStv Digital Media
    •           Primedia Online
    •           MyBroadband
    •           PNet
    •           Sabido
    •           BBC Sites
    •           Auto Trader
    •           Perform Sports Group
    •           Soccer-Laduma
    •           South African Broadcasting Corporation
    •           Mail & Guardian Online
    •           Blue Sky Publications
    •           CareerJunction
    •           Skype
    •           Trudon
    •           Yahoo! South Africa
    •           Maroela Media
    •           TripAdvisor


An online publishing business depends on both; their total traffic per month and also the unique internet browser they get every month. Translation can also be counted as the region is multi lingual. There are also some of the largest transcription services in johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth that can help big brands in online news publishing with different languages.


There are several websites whop survey about both the volumes of Online Publishers and the list may slightly vary or rearrange according them. Here is a list of top 5 online publishing websites of South Africa according to their traffic, genre of business and new viewers:

Here are some slight info on the top 5 websites ang their usage –




News 24 is South Africa’s leading breaking news source and according to the statistics it covers around 5.8 million unique internet browsers every month. The website has a monthly visitor traffic of 26.2 million and thus is ranked number 1 is the South African Online Publishing platform as per new visitors



Gumtree is a local online classified website in South Africa and the second ranked with a unique internet browser of 5.2 million in South Africa and is the second leading online publishing websites and has a monthly visitor of 16.8 million visitor traffic and is the top most website with the maximum traffic.

Times Live:

The Times live is also a business new website focuses upon news on lifestyle, world, politics, entertainment etc. approaches a new and unique internet browser of around 3 million and is thus in the third position of South African online publishing Websites and has a monthly traffic of 4.2 million visitors.


IOL is also another current news website in South Africa with a blend of Sports, Business, Lifestyle and other niches of current news and is in the fourth position of the top 5 online publishing websites of South Africa with and unique internet browser of 2.6 million and a monthly traffic of 1.9 million viewers who surf the website.


MSN covers the niches of celebrity, travel, weather, car, and other niches with top news from those fields. Though MSN has comparatively lower unique Browser than IOL with a number of 2.5 million but has higher traffic among of online publishing websites and in the 5th position of the mentioned list with a number of 7.8 million viewers.

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