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Unfold the MYSTERY of Wine and it’s full GLORY



Fun, love and party begins with a perfect sip of exotic wine followed by delicious dinner. Be it you’re planning for first date with your beloved one or a toast on your best friend wedding, it’s obvious that Wine is to be considered as an essence of every such occasion. Wine is one such classic drink where celebrations are associated with it and even sophisticated occasions are wine accompanied.


According to researchers, it is found that wine was made about 8000 years ago and the bases are from central Asia, especially in India. Today wine is widely being used in Jewish and Christian ceremonies and rituals. On the other side, wine been a main beverage that used in ancient civilizations of Rome, Greek, Greece and Thrace. In scientific aspect, wine is an alcoholic product of fruit juice fermentation, especially from grapes. YOGA VINO is one such place, where the India Wine is precisely picked from great valleys to give an ecstatic taste and aroma. Traditionally stored in oak casks, the wine at YOGAVINO Store will give you a great wine collection that gives distinctive traditional taste of India Heritage.

Bringing the authentic wine TASTE needs real EFFORTS

You’ll get an access to new world wines as at Yoga Vino, which are made with balanced sugars, enzymes, acids and required nutrients. Yogavinos is the leading wine importer of Cabernet, Blanc, Zinfandel, Chenin Blanc, Shiraz, and Sauvignon. If you are looking for awe-inspiring collection of wine from India, then Yoga Vino is the place for you. It should not be a stressed-out thing for you in ordering wine, easy-to-use interface and few simple steps to order your desired wine is enabled at Yoga Vinos. Enhance the falvour of your cuisines with wine and experience the joy to eat. True richness of taste comes when you hold a wine holistically labeled from India and especially from Nashik Valley. Vintners and wine enthusiasts love the wine they shop at Yoga Vinos, the prices will tempt you even more. Bringing you the best INDIA WINE at a competitive price segment – Enjoy your drink!!!

Fulfill your desire of WINE and quench your thirst –

In general, if you’ve a fascination towards alcoholic beverage then it is obvious that you have an inclination to Wine. Be it red wine or white, the demand for new world wines, traditional & vintage wines is increasing. But the true blend starts with wine from India. Typically grow in vineyards which have great climate conditions, grapes are well fermented and bottled into authentic wines. The wine has been a revolution now in the world of beverages. Many said that wine and dine is a perfect combination, parties and togetherness become enthralling and eventful. Wine goes perfect with smoking starters and yummy pizzas, however the choice on the side dishes differ.

Ordering your LOVE of WINE online

The modern-day technology has transformed into a great ease for the mankind, simplifying most of the manual process. At a comfort of home, one can sit back at his/her home or office and order a bottle of wine and enjoy their occasion. Say goodbye to those days of visiting shops or outlets, the perfect genuine branded Indian wine are available online and will be dropped at your doorstep.


The love of wine never dies, it’s been a history already and now becoming the trend. An authentic wine never lies, the taste itself speaks from what it has been taken the birth, manufactured and bottled. After doing an extensive research and being a connoisseur, I’ve found out wine from India has a perfect authentic grape blend and that is why my love towards it has even more increased. Besides a long going history, India is now thriving successfully in exporting wines due to the great demand in overseas. I personally prefer to shop online on safe & secure platforms like Yoga Vino as they promise to deliver on time and prices are pretty reasonable. One of my friend did referred me this store, where I had explored the wine collection and ordered my most favorite wine, Chenin Blanc; had a great evening with my loved one! Hope you get one & share your view on it, CHEERS!!!

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